My Irish Leprechaun

It’s finally the TCAs! I get to see Ni- I mean my fans again. Not to forget Selena and Miley and Justin and oh, I’m just so excited! Maybe also because a certain Irish guy will be there……….. Or maybe it’s because I’ve been nominated in a few categories! Whatevs, the point it, I just can’t wait!

Nialler Leprechaun xo - Good morning honey! Can’t wait for the TCAs later (and also to see you) :-*

Niall. Oh Niall. The blue-eyed blondie One Direction member who is always on my mind lately. He is everything a girl wants in a boyfriend and I do have to admit that I may have a tiny little crush on him. He has always been there for me, cheering me up, listening to my rants and just by being himself. Our Skype calls are not enough as he is currently on tour so he doesn’t have that much free time. No, I don’t miss our Skype dates calls psh, no I don’t. Oh, who am I kidding, I do miss seeing him just well, eating, or playing his guitar on Skype.

Getting out of my stupor, I quickly replied him back.

Dems Tomato ♥ - Good morning sweetstuff! I’m so excited for later! Give me a hug when you see me yeah? xx

Niall looked at his iPhone screen and grinned upon reading Demi’s text message. The other boys were all stealing glances at him and grinning among themselves. “Oooooh Nialler, why are you so chummy today?” Louis teased. Niall visibly blushed - curse his Irish cheeks - and stuttered, “N…Nothing I mean Nandos. Yes, Nandos.” The boys laughed.

"Nialler, come on. We all know it’s from Demi. What did she say huh? Having a little steamy get-together after the TCAs?" Harry asked, waggling his eyebrows at Niall. Niall blushed and said, "No of course not! Harry!" Liam laughed and walked towards the door, "Well better hurry up then and get ready, can’t let Demi Tomato wait!"

In a haste, Niall got ready and put on the clothes that were laid out by their stylists. Wearing black jeans, black button-down shirt and a light blue cardigan, he must say that he looked good. Snapping a selfie of his clothes, he texted Demi.

Nialler Leprechaun xo - Gonna give you the famous Horan hug later ;) See you on the Red Carpet!

Demi was already on her way to the TCAs since her hotel is further away from that of One Direction’s. Looking at the picture, she giggled in disbelief as she realised that they wore matching clothes. Dressed in a mid-thigh light blue dress with black trimmings on the side and her favourite black heels, she was dressed to impress.

Finally, she’ve reached the TCAs and the moment she stepped out of the limo, the paparazzi began snapping pictures and many asked for interviews. Smiling at everyone and her fans, she went for her first red carpet interview with Sugarscape.

"Demi, you look stunning today!" Demi laughs and graciously thanked the interviewer. "So, you’ve been nominated for several categories tonight. Which one would you really love to win?" Demi thought for a while and replied, "I’m honoured for all the nominations but if I have to choose a particular category, I would love to win Choice Single: Female Artist. But I’m against my friends in the category like Selena, Taylor and Miley so I guess it’s a really tough fight!" The interviewer smiled and said, "One last question, how are you and Niall Horan?" She laughed and replied, "Niall and I are just friends. He’s on the way here too and I’m excited cause I haven’t seen him since forever!" The interviewer winked at her and chuckled, "Just friends huh? Thank you, Demi Lovato. I hope you have a great night!"

Demi was walking towards her second interview when screams of fangirls were heard extremely loud. She turned slightly and saw her five favourite British boys coming out of their limo. Waving slightly at them, the boys walked briskly towards her and gave her a hug and a kiss on the cheek. Lastly, Niall came up to her and looked at her up and down, “Hey Dems, we match!” before hugging her tightly and whispered in her ear, “You look stunningly beautiful.” before kissing her on the cheek lightly.

The paparazzi went crazy at that “DIALL moment” and interviewers and photographers went all, “Demi look here. Niall look here. Hey you two, look here. Are you guys dating? Was it planned to wear matching clothes?” All the questions were raised and pictures were taken but none of the boys and Demi bothered and they just continued taking pictures as per normal, with Niall’s arm around Demi’s waist. After all the picture-taking, the boys went to sit inside the venue with Demi.

On the way inside, Niall asked the girl of his dreams softly, “Dems, you know I really like you right? I mean yeah, everyone knows that. I would just like to ask if you would be my date today and my girlfriend forever? I know it’s not romantic to be asking you here but I will have a proper confession to you soon but I just needed to get it off my chest. I mean yeah, what if I get scared and chickened out and yeah…… Will you?” Demi looked at her the Irish heartthrob and grinned before replying softly, “I will be your date today but for the girlfriend part, I will let you know soon.” She kissed him on the cheek and went to her seat at the center.

Niall watched her go and blushed before making his way to the left side of the venue where the One Direction seats are. Sitting down, the boys immediately bombarded him with questions. “So what’s happening? What’s up? Why are you all red, Nialler? Did something happen?” Niall grinned cheekily before replying, “She agreed to be my date tonight but she has yet to answer whether she wanted to be my girlfriend.” Harry and Zayn whooped, “Nialler’s getting some!” Liam laughed and patted Niall on the back, “She will say yes, she likes you.” Louis was too busy hugging Niall to even say anything but it was an unspoken thought that he was very happy for him.

The TCAs went by and Demi won a few and One Direction won for Choice Love Song for Little Things. On stage, Niall winked at Demi when they were receiving the award as his solo was about her and also because she was the first one to hear him sing the whole song for her. Finally, the last category for the night was Choice Female Hottie. Demi was one of the nominees but she wasn’t very confident as the other nominees are all strong contenders.

"And the award goes to……………….. Demi Lovato!”

She was shocked. Oh my god. Walking towards the stage, she smiled brightly and waved to her fans, receiving hugs from her fellow celebrity friends as well. Receiving the award, she started smiling and laughing of happiness.

"Thank you so much to everyone for this award. I couldn’t believe it. I mean, the other nominees were so strong and I ohmygod I can’t believe it. I would like to thank my family, my management and my Lovatics for this award. Also, I know my dad is watching me from Heaven so I love you Daddy. I love you Mum, I love my crew and my Lovatics! Thank you so much for this, it means the world to me and this is why I have the best fans in the world! Thank you!" After finishing her winning speech, she started walking off but stopped before going back to the mike.

"Oh, how can I forget this one person that is very special in my heart and in my life. Um Nialler, thank you for always believing in me and being there for me no matter what happens. You are amazing and I guess this award is thanks to you too. I’m really thankful and glad that you are in my life and you are the best. I love you, Niall Leprechaun." With that, she walked off the stage.

When the announcer said that Demi won Female Hottie, Niall jumped to his feet and started cheering. He knew she would win it, she’s so beautiful, how can she not? She started giving her winning speech and Niall found himself smiling while looking at her. When she walked back to her mike to thank someone that’s really special in her heart, Niall thought it would be for Selena, her bestfriend. Hey those two are as thick as thieves together! When he heard the word, “Nialler”, he was shocked and looked up towards the stage to see her staring at him.

He felt touched that she talked about him in his winning speech and the boys were already cheering and thumping him on the back. Not to forget, the cameras were all around him, filming his expression. When she ended it off with “I love you, Niall Leprechaun”, Niall can’t stop the huge grin on his face and the whole venue screamed and cheered. Demi loves him. The girl of his dreams love him. He looked at the boys and they looked so happy for him. He was blessed.

When Demi walked off the stage, she walked towards the One Direction sets, more off like ran, and hugged Niall with all her might. The paparazzis went crazy. The fans went crazy. The boys went crazy. Everything went crazy. Hugging her tightly on live television, Niall couldn’t believe it. She whispered to him, “I love you, Nialler and yes I will be your girlfriend.” Niall chuckled and kissed her.